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Terms and Conditions

Company trucks are not permitted to drive onto grass/yard for deliveries.  For deliver and dump orders, product will be dumped on or next to the driveway in a safe, clear area.  If customer demands the driver enter yard or an unsafe area, driver may refuse delivery.  If the driver proceeds with customer request, and the truck becomes stuck, customer is responsible for towing costs, all vehicle damage and The Firewood Company is not responsible for damage to yard or property.   Please remove all decor, outdoor furniture, personal property, vehicles, etc from the area you would like the product dumped.  The Firewood Company can refuse delivery if space is not safe or cleared.  If customer insists and driver complies, The Firewood Company is not responsible for any damages.  If you have questions regarding location of deliver and dump orders, please contact Nick prior to delivery.

Return Policy

100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the firewood.  All pieces must be returned within 1 week.   Refund does not include delivery fees.

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