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Kiln Dried Cherry Firewood Stack.   Limited quantity available.


Cherry wood is one of the most popular woods to burn in fireplaces due to its pleasant, non-smoky aroma. It is very easy to split, tends to burn at a medium heat, and does not produce much smoke.  Cherry firewood is famous for it's unique and pleasant smell. The fragrance is a bit richer and more tangy compared to Apple. After smelling Cherry wood smoke once, you'll be able to identify it immediately in the future.


Kiln Dried Firewood is the perfect solution for those who want a hassle-free and efficient way to heat their home. The firewood is a USDA certified heat treated kiln dried hardwood mix, ensuring that it is free from pests and diseases. The firewood is dried at high temperatures, which removes excess moisture and ensures that it burns hotter and longer. Kiln dried firewood is easy to light and produces minimal smoke, making it an environmentally friendly option.  Order your Kiln Dried Firewood today and enjoy a warm and cozy home all winter long. 


Kiln Dried Cherry Stack

  • Delivery fees are based on delivery location and are not negotiable.   

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